A Love Letter to Este Haim’s Rock Face

este haim rock face

Dear Este,

I was trying to decide which of the things that makes me the most happy about you existing in the world, aside from the obvious which is the dope ass music you and your talented, funny, gorgeous sisters make. I have pondered and pondered. Is it your perfect ombre? Your funny/awkward/abrupt stage banter? Is it your dance moves in the Forever video? So many wonderful things, but I have come to a decision about what pleases me the most and it is your ROCK FACE, as in the face you make when you are rocking the f*ck out (for those who have never seen it IRL, a fantastic version of it was on display when Haim performed on Letterman).  I have seen you perform many times, so I know you make this rock face on purpose and that is what I like. I’m sure it’s way more fun to sing and play bass while making a rock face than it would be to do this same things while trying to not make a rock face, and that rules. Confidence is hot and rock face = confidence. Este, your rock face is an inspiration!



Check out Haim on your own now, or just wait until they are everywhere, which we have been saying for years is 100% inevitable. Find their Forever EP here and listen to their new single (and my all time favorite Haim song) here.