City of Boners: Shame Watching at it’s Best


A few years ago, I read The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare with a bunch of friends for YA Book Club.  When we got together to discuss it, I had actually printed out two pages worth of hatred for the book…the characters were derivative, at best, the ending of the book was ridiculous, and the author was a lunatic.  A little research into Cassandra Clare (nee Judith Remult) produced a wealth of information, such as: she got her start writing homoerotic Harry Potter fan fiction, she was despised by the fan fiction community for lifting whole passages from published books and other peoples’ stories, and City of Bones was apparently almost entirely lifted from her online fan fiction.


Magical Ovaries?

Well, Cassandra has definitely left all the haters in the dust, because not only does she have two successful YA series, but City of Bones (I “lovingly” and “cleverly” like to call it City of Boners) is now coming out as a movie…a movie that I sort of begrudgingly want to see!  While the book was ridic (and listen, I don’t expect a ton from YA books, but this one really annoyed me), the movie looks really fun…action packed, with good looking people and cool sets.  It even has Lane from Mad Men!

So, you win this round Cassandra Clare.  The movie looks like a good time, and I really can’t resist a magical teen story.  City of Boners comes out August 23rd.  If they stick to the book then OMG the ending you guys.  The ending.