For Your Consideration: The Craziest iPhone Cases on Etsy PART 2!

My first voyage was so fulfilling that I decided to go BACK to the Etsy iPhone Jungle and pluck out some reallllllll winners for y’all. Disclaimer: these aren’t the BEST iPhone cases on Etsy at the moment, but they are the craziest.

The inspiration for my return voyage is below…I mean, I came across this and NEEDED more:


Pictured above: My Little Pony iPhone case from zipDIYFindings, $23

I put this on my lord my iPhone 4 just touched chinchilla:


Pictured above: Fur iPhone Case from cellphonecasemade, $33

Speaking of fur….I mean, I just can’t with this Audrey Hepburn cat:


Pictured above: Cute Cat Audrey iPhone Case from saysstore, $15.99

Keeping with the cat theme, may I present this completely terrifying blinged-out version of Garfield:


Pictured above: Bling Bling 3D Garfield iPhone Case from elodieforever, $29.99

And the final piece of the cat trifecta….WTF:


Pictured above: Smart Cats with Galaxy Nebula (?!) iPhone Case from SarKem, $14.99

Now for this installment’s example of a case that the TSA will confiscate:


Pictured above: Steampunk Chain iPhone Case from galaxys4case001, $10.99

Grand finale. If you like to watch Illuminati videos about Nicki Minaj selling her soul to the devil on YouTube, you’re going to love this one:


Pictured above: Egyptian Triangle iPhone Case from Weniphonecase, $13.99


Gotta say, were I to purchase one of these, it might be the busted-ass Garfield. Whatabouchu?