Make Lame Google Hangouts More Fun


Stop trying to make Google+ happen, Google!

If you guys used Gchat every single day, then you know how devastating this new Google Hangouts rollout is.  For now you can switch back to the old Gchat, but we all know that eventually they’ll make Google Hangouts permanent and then all our lives will be forever ruined.  Google Hangouts makes it harder to see who is online, makes all those people you labeled a “never show” visible, and seems to show a weirdly random selection of people who are and aren’t online.

google hangouts easter eggs

These easter eggs are fun, though!  I won’t post any screen caps so you can experience them for yourself, but my personal favorite is /ponystream.  Lulz lulz.  PA Hillary described it as “overwhelming”.

What do you guys think of Google Hangouts?  Are you as sad about it as I am?  Gchat for life!