Are Baseball Caps Cool Now or Something?

baseball caps

images via pinterest

With the whole sporty vibe in fashion happening right now, it seems like baseball caps are having a moment.  I kind of want one but I’m pretty sure I’d look like a giant tool?

baseball caps american apparel.jpg

The above four from American Apparel are surprisingly cute…I don’t see one pubic hair or nipple showing in any of the hat pictures.  Huge step for Am Appy!  They’re all $29.

urban outfitters baseball caps.jpg

These four are all from Urban Outfitters!  I just don’t know…can I pull off a baseball cap without looking like a total weirdo?  I’m growing out short hair so basically I look like I’m wearing a weird wig right now, does that go with the sporty vibe?  Life is so hard.

Check out Urban Outfitters and American Apparel (and every other website on the planet) for more cutie pie baseball caps.  Perfect for the beach!