Noodle Heaven at Cocoron!


A little background: I was vegetarian for something like 13 years, and due to the fact that I grew up in a city that isn’t a hotbed of Japanese cuisine (Buffalo), I kind of missed out on the whole ramen-not-out-of-a-package thing until a year or so ago! Most vegetarian Japanese noodles (ramen, soba, udon) were all kinda boring to me and I never got the fuss – UNTIL I had them with a REALLY GOOD non-veg broth and I was like – OK, OK I get it now.

From my limited experience, the soba dip noodles at Cocoron are some of the best I’ve ever had…and a really fun eating experience toooo! I had the Stamina Dip soba (the one in the background of the picture below), which involves soba noodles (duh) and a broth of chicken meatballs, pork, mushrooms + other stuff. You take a chopstick full of noodles, swirl them around in the broth for 5-10 seconds, then put them in your bowl and eat them! When your noodles are gone, they bring additional broth/soba cooking water which is supposed to contain a bunch of nutrients, and you eat it all with a big wooden spoon. SO GOOD, y’all. I bet the vegetarian options are also delicious here.


The menu is adorned with cute characters (as seen above) and lots of nutritional facts (like which vegetable will give you the best bowel movements – for real). Also, house made mochi ice cream!

Visit Cocoron at 61 Delancey between Allen and Eldridge.