Trade Coasters for Friendship: Tilissimo

floral2I have always wanted to be that person who thoughtfully picks out a cute gift for a friend when he/she moves into a new home.  I always MEAN to, you know?  I think of a few places I could go, or a few things I could get, but then I go to their place for the first time empty handed, then another time, and then I think, eh f*ck it, it’s too late now.

Tilissimo.jpgWell folks, fret no more (not that you were fretting over this but…idk, just play along).  Stop tearing your hair out and confessing to your priest that you forgot to give a housewarming gift!  I have found the perfect little present for you to give to your buds.  Check out these super cute coasters!

coasters.jpgAren’t they pretty?  There are also less girly versions on Tilissimo’s Etsy page.  The coasters all range from $17-25, a totally reasonable price for a little gifty for yourself or a friend.