Hunx Designs the Wacky Wacko T-Shirts of My Dreams


I mean – are you even seeing that t-shirt? MY sentiments exactly – if not RuPaul for Spritual Leader or just straight up RuPaul for God. Even better is that this t-shirt was designed by someone I love dearly – Seth Bogart AKA Hunx! Bogart is the proprietor of Wacky Wacko – a record label and t-shirt line – that clearly TURNS OUT amazing sh*t. I want it all.

Exhibit B: the Girls Gerls Grrrls teee which features a front/back design detailing “some of the best female musicians of all time.” Lil Kim to Grace Jones to Shannon Shaw? They’re allll here:

GirlsGirlsPreviewFRONTExhibit C: Ciara + Crass? I mean, I can’t even.


Check out allll the Wacky Wacko t-shirts and records here and grab some for your very own!