Netflix Fix: All the Time is the Right Time for Adventure Time

Adventure TimeAs a 33 year old oldster I am obviously WAY late to this party (Cartoon Network just announced a 6th season), but I finally watched the first season of Adventure Time on Netflix recently and I’m totally hooked!

Adventure Time ChibiCreated by Pendleton Ward as a short for Nickelodeon (picked up by Cartoon Network), the show went viral almost immediately and is now a huge cult favorite among teens and adults alike.  The show is about 12 year old Finn the Human and magical Jake the Dog, who are heroes in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo.  The show pokes fun at Fantasy/Adventure tropes while being surprisingly cute, sweet and hilarious.

lumpy space princess adventure time

My favorite character is Lumpy Space Princess, a total Valley Girl who fights with her royal parents every chance she gets and is a cranky, entitled little brat.  She’s amazing.

If an animated show where a sassy dog and a young boy battle dragons while also stopping to coo at cute little creatures (they are always getting sidetracked by adorable characters who they can’t help but love) sounds good to you, then do it up!  You’ll be surprised by how easily you’re sucked in.

One lame thing to note is that there is only season one on Netflix.  If you look at the accompanying comments you’ll see how much this is ruining latecomer’s lives.  Mine included.  Get it together, Netflix!