Xi’an Famous Foods is On A Random Street in Greenpoint! Here’s Why.

xi'an famous foods jason wang

By now everyone knows that you don’t have to go to Flushing anymore to taste the delights that Xi’an Famous Foods has to offer, and you also probably know that there is one all up in the ‘hood. But WHY, do you ask, is it on a weird little half-residential/half-industrial street in the nether-region of a neighborhood that feels like it’s neither Greenpoint nor East Williamsburg (near the Meeker-Morgan on-ramp of the BQE)? And why do they have only three barstools and no delivery? Because, my friends, it is the seat of the EMPIRE of Xi’an Famous Foods! It took them longer to get it up and running than they originally had anticipated, but the spicy lamb burger and hand-pulled noodles are just as glorious as they are at the other locations.

The small counter at 86 Beadel Street opened back in February, and behind it lies a giant production/distribution center where they will soon be producing dumplings and other goods that will be sold in local grocery stores. The expansion of Xi’an is the brainchild of the adorable Jason Wang, a business graduate of Wash U, who decided to expand his father’s successful – but tiny – noodle shop.