Get Your Art On: Paul McCarthy’s “WS” at the Park Avenue Armory

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 7.54.56 PM
Contemporary artist/provocateur Paul McCarthy has a pretty epic looking show up at the Park Avenue Armory, and it’s sure not to disappoint… if you like his depraved interpretation of Disney and other Americana-related themes. It’s his largest show to date and is his second exploration on Snow White (the first was called White Snow). You can read some awesome reviews of the show here, here, and see graphic, unauthorized images here. The show includes a three-quarter-scale replica of the artist’s childhood home (get it, everything on Disneyland’s main street is three-quarter-scale), a fully functioning “Disney Store,” as well as snow white and the dwarves in some fairly compromising positions. All this Disney talk reminds me of the fairly ridiculous and amazing Disney-tinged show by Wim Delvoye show I saw at MONA in Tasmania (side note: if you ever find yourself in Australia, make your way to MONA). Also for lulz click here. The Paul McCarthy show is NC17, so don’t bring your little cousin who is visiting from out of town or something. Peep it at the Armory until August 4th!