Cicada Consolation Prize: Shoko Nakagawa = Cara Delevingne

shoko nakagawa + cara delevingne secret cicada twinsYou guys know that I am obsessed with the cicadas and I wish they’d come! Apparently the media now is all, ‘KIDDING we made the whole thing up!’ But I want to hold on to my dreams of seeing billions of cicadas. I. was. promised. billions. I suppose the only way is to go on a cicada field trip to magical Summit, NJ which is one of the few places in the Northeast where the soil hasn’t been disrupted and Brood II has emerged. As a consolation prize to me and everyone else who is sad that there aren’t billions of cicadas around,  here is a picture of Japanese actress and singer Shoko Nakagawa with cicadas all over her damn self (cicada cosplay!) next to an eerily similar picture of supermodel-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne with her hair in curls that one can only hope are meant to imitate cicadas. You’re welcome!