Let Them Eat (Elaborately Decorated) Cake!

T & C Productions Presents: Petit fours with Cake Hero’s Melissa Torres from Tara Sgroi on Vimeo.

As some of you lovelies may know, not only am I a Power Animal, but I am also known to some as Cake Hero!  I make all kinds of specialty cakes, and when I’m not bloggin it up here I am often elbow deep in sugar, flour and fondant.

Tara Sgroi, an amazing photographer and videographer and my lovely and chefy cousin Camille Becerra teamed up to make a fun video showing me and Camille doing what we do best…making pretty food!

Here’s the final product:



I’m going to go ahead and toot my own horn, aren’t they epic?!  You can get the recipe for the cake on Camille’s blog.

You can check out Camille’s work and follow her on Instagram (I dye of jealousy, her pictures are so pretty!).  Make sure to check in on Tara’s site and on her Vimeo, where Tara and Camille are collaborating on all sorts of goodies.  And lastly, check out my site, Cake Hero.  I should totally make a Power Animals cake, right?  Space and tigers?  OMG.