Ridiculous Animal Shoes for a Shot of Spring Energy


You know that feeling when a season changes and suddenly all of the newly weather-appropriate clothes you hadn’t worn in months just look all dusty and drab and boring? Let’s face it – some of those articles might be in need of a dry clean or lint roll or just straight up donation, but mostly, they just need some new energy. A really fast way to add some bonus energy to your wardrobe is a new, bold pair of shoes or other accessories.

I tend to like my wardrobe on the fairly normal side, but my fashion peripherals on the WTF side. As soon as I saw these little photorealistic lion loafers from Aldo, I knew they had to be mine. And yup – they’re contributing to the salvage of my ye olde spring wardrobe.

Pick up the Abegaila Loafers at Aldo for $70 – they also come in tiger + peacock!