Gay of Thrones is Ah-mazing… Even if You Don’t Watch Game of Thrones!

Gay of Thrones God of Tits and WineI have to admit that I haven’t read the books, and I’ve fallen asleep about halfway through most of the episodes, so I only have surface-level knowledge of WTF is going on with this show. However, I do know funny when I see it, and GAY of Thrones brings the lulz. It is written and directed for Funny or Die by the hilarious Erin Gibson (also of the podcast Throwing Shade, which I wrote about here). GoT is basically a 3-5 minute recap of each week’s episode from the point of view of your gay hairdresser: tons of sassy renditions of “where are my dragons?!?!” along with lots of analyzing how ratchet all the hoes are, Rufus Wainwright’s In a Graveyard playing over the end of the Red Wedding, with Whitney and Celine making song cameos at one point. Also, Alfie Allen aka Theon Greyjoy is a guest hairstyling recipient. The very best thing is that the guy who stars as the gay hairdresser IS a hairdresser and not an actor, which given his excellent comedic timing, perfect facial expressions, and epic delivery of every line, makes it all the more entertaining.  Gay of Thrones, I love you more than the real thing!!!

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