Hey, If It’s Good Enough for Emma Stone…

revlon-just-bitten-kissable-balm-stainNormally I would not use the ad for a product in one of my posts, but it’s Emma Stone!  And who doesn’t love Emma Stone, amiright?



I usually use the Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tint, but at $24 a pop I was blowing through those a little too quickly for my taste.  Hillary lent me her Revlon lip color in Lovesick the other day and I was immediately hooked…it stains your lips so it’s long lasting and the colors are amazing.  I bought the same color Hill has and love that it’s cheery and doesn’t make my coffee stained teeth look yellower than they are (#confessions).  AAAND they’re around ten bucks, which is such a normal price!

Grab one (or three) at Drugstore.com for only $8.09!