Salon Cocoro: Calgel Nail Art in Williamsburg FINALLY!

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It’s really true: there is FINALLY a nail salon in Williamsburg that does epic nail art with Calgel polish, and it is called Salon Cocoro. You guys know we looooove us some Calgel manicures, and so obviously we were quite interested to check it out. Calgel in the ‘hood is something we’ve been waiting for for a loooong time. Here’s the lowdown:

Service and Experience are thumbs up! You walk into a lovely, modern/rustic hair and beauty salon, are greeted by the receptionist, and directed to the loft-like space of the 2nd floor nail salon. Once there, why don’t you have some water or tea please and thank you.

Nail art is also on point. What I really loved is that I went in with an inspiration picture of a print from a Mara Hoffman dress and instead of copying it exactly, she made up three complementary patterns, even custom mixing colors to match the colors in the dress. I told her I was up for anything and I pretty much got everything, as you can see from the photos.

I think that what will keep bringing me back to Salon Cocoro is the polish quality and add-ons The manicurist I had, Stella, said she had worked previously at Sakura Nail and Spa and it showed in the technique and materials used. Hand painted Calgel out of jars with brushes, not the thin gel polish that you need 3 coats for to reach full opacity. The manager said that all of the jewels, glitter, and other add-ons are all straight from Korea and Japan, where nail art has been happening for a lot longer than here and is therefore next-level.

It is true that my manicure lasted a full three weeks, and not a single gem or stud came off. The picture above is from 8-10 days after I got the manicure. I attribute that to the Calgel and good technique.  I only had to take off the manicure because my nails were growing out and I was bored. So basically, since Salon Cocoro is in Williamsburg, I feel justified in saying that this is an artisanal, hand-painted, organic gel manicure (it’s true! Calgel is organic). Hahaha, what if the next big artisanal trend was gel nail art! Too silly. But also kind of true. AMIRITE?

Check out Salon Cocoro, located at 129 North 6th Street near Bedford Ave, in the heart of the BEZ (Bedford Entertainment Zone).