The Banger Report: Vol. 10, R&B Joy & Pain


It just so happens that three extreme R&B jams have appeared in the world in the past week or two and thus, I was inspired to bring back ye olde Banger Report! Two of the songs are adorably joyous and one is just straight up heart-wrenching. Read on to see what beautiful person in the above photo collage did what type of emotional R&B banger.

We’ll go right to left and start off with the ever-luminous Solange for Banger #1. Ms. Knowles teams up with Kendrick Lamar for an R&B banger that will provide you with just the right amount of head-nod to pass a spring afternoon pleasantly. Really, it’s Solange + Kendrick – what could go wrong??

Banger #2 is the other happy one – Jeremih (of “Birthday Sex” and Late Nights with Jeremih fame) teams up with Big Sean and Paul Wall for a pretty upbeat, BBQ banger entitled “Ol Skool Pontiac.”

Please beware, the third banger is the one that might make you cry. On “Dirty Laundry,” Kelly Rowland straight up bares her soul about some really honest and touchy subjects like her resentment of Beyonce after her Destiny’s Child days and an abusive romantic relationship. I’m not even listening to the song right now, but I want to cry just thinking about it. Whoever hurt Kelly, you need to die slow, MFer. You are brave, Ms. Rowland.