Get Your Perfect Fit with Uniqlo’s Free Alterations!


If you’ve ever wanted to look like that blonde, perfectly-outfitted model above, now is your chance! I feel like the back of my mind has known about Uniqlo‘s awesome alteration policy for a while, but the front of my mind just caught the drift. Basically what I’m saying is that – Yes! Uniqlo will alter your jeans/pants FOR FREE! And – Yes! It happens quickly – for instance I bought some jeans at 7 pm recently and was told they’d be ready at noon the next day!

My new denim love at Uniqlo is the Ultra Stretch. I love them because they’re not so tight that they show every detail of my nether-half and/or flatten my booty, but they are tight enough to hold their shape in the knee and calf. The thicker denim also helps the flattering fit!

Head to a local store location (like the ridiculously huge flagship at 5th Ave + 53rd St) and take advantage of the free alterations!