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By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Abercrombie and Fitch’s douchebag CEO Mike Jeffries, the guy who said that he won’t make XL or XXL clothing for women because he wants only the “cool kids” to shop at his stores?  Gross gross gross.  Well turns out one person decided to do something about it.

Greg Karber is asking everyone to go to their local thrift stores and/or take their old unwanted A&F clothing that “you bought by mistake”, and give it to those less fortunate.  In doing so, you not only do a good deed, but you also give a little bit of a eff you to Jeffries and his weird ass face.

I can see how some would think this is gross, in that it’s using unwitting people in a campaign they probably couldn’t care less about.  I can see that, but I also think it’s a nice message…who is Jeffries to say who is cool?  All brands have their target market but to basically say that people who are not young or thin are not “cool” is pretty gross.  A better approach might be for us chubby dorks to start wearing A&F but…eeeeeh.  Their clothes are so douchey!

In any case it’s an interesting campaign, and I’ll definitely be following it’s progress.  Boo to Mike Jeffries!