I’m Really Into the New Vampire Weekend Record


It’s true. When it comes to music, I like to go in with no expectations. I’ll at least TRY to listen to everything that crosses my desk – even if it’s an artist I’ve loathed in the past. Being pleasantly surprised rules, so why deprive myself of that experience?

Saying that I’ve loathed Vampire Weekend in the past is definitely an overstatement. I was more of a reluctant Vampire Weekend adopter – being completely annoyed by them at first and then unwillingly admitting that “yeahhhhhh, I kinda like this reggaeton / Louis Vuitton song, damnit!”

So, while I was interested in hearing the new record – Modern Vampires of the City – I wasn’t like frothing at the mouth about it or anything. But – yo! I really like it! The Paul Simon influences are off the charts (in an awesome way) and the record as a whole sounds more grown-up and more assured without being stale or boring. Actually, I think it has the opposite effect.

Enough of my nonsensical babbling. Listen to “Diane Young,” the first single from the new album, for yourself! And tell me what ’70s or ’80s band it kinda reminds you of. ELO? Dire Straits? I can’t put my finger on it.

Buy Modern Vampires of the City at Insound! It’s out today!