The New Espadrille? F-Troupe Bathing Shoes

F-Troupe Bathing ShoesEvery spring I take a trip down to Despaña in SoHo and buy myself a pair of new espadrilles for the summer. The problem is that walking city streets in espadrilles every day wear the soles down within a month. But what to do? Give up espadrilles? Buy a set for the summer? Or look for a longer lasting summer slip-on? The F-Troupe Bathing Shoes don’t quite fit the slip-on bill, but they seem to me to be the ideal warm weather wear-with-all. Rubber soles for longevity, a rainbow of colors for diversity, and cut-outs for foot breathability. You could easily wear them with rolled up skinny jeans or a flowy summer dress, cute either way. What’s not to like? My morning walks with Paco just got a little springier.

You can find them at the f-troupe site, but they’re also available on… of all places, Amazon. If you get there soon they’re on sale there for $33.30 a pair.