There Are One Million Sample Sales Tempting Me.

Mara Hoffman Sample Sale

It is spring sample sale time in the city! In the last few years I’ve been trying, with only partial success, to go for quality over quantity when it comes to clothing purchases. One way I’m attempting to make that happen is to NOT to spend all my money Zara (hard to do, I know), and to wait to hit up the sample sales of my favorite designers. The goal is to buy a few high quality pieces that I will wear over and over again. I could go into how some rich people justify shopping ‘designer only’ because it’s sooooooo great to support the creative economy/not participate in the sweatshop situation/avoid contributing to the theft of intellectual property inherent in the knockoff cycle, but really I just want the most best fashion I can afford (Mara Hoffman’s June sale I’m looking at you! love you BB!). There are soooo many sample sales happening in May and June: Mara Hoffman, Rag & Bone, Theory, Steven Alan, Opening Ceremony, blah blah blah. I want clothes that are fancy but I want them for less. They are so nice, they are so beautiful, they are actually for realzies more comfortable because of the quality of the design, construction, and materials. I want to go to there… if my wallet will allow me.

Check the dealfeed over at Racked for news. Good tips about strategy can be found here.