90s in a Good Way: Denim Dress from ASOS

River Island Denim Dress.jpgHow cute is this dress by River Island?  I don’t have much to say except that I want it desperately, it’s so adorable.  It would be no bra city for me in this dress, let me tell you.  PS how much do you hate bras?  I can hardly stand to wear mine anymore.  I basically wear a bra so that folks can’t see my nipples if I get cold…my Barely Bs don’t really need all that much help beyond that.  It’s not fair – why are we expected to wear a bra at all times if we don’t feel like we need one?  Women are the worst at enforcing this; a friend recently said “I’m sorry but if you are an adult woman and you’re not wearing a bra every time you leave the house then there’s something wrong with you”.  What!  It’s a piece of underclothing, it’s not like I’m walking around without shoes in the New York subway or something.  I don’t see anyone making Jon Hamm wear a “bro” for his enormous wang, and that thing is always flapping about!

Anyway…I digress.  This dress is cute.  Buy it and I will buy one too and we can match!

$66.50 at ASOS.com