Aspirational Preening: The Wyatt Dress

Preen Wyatt Dress - Poppy PrintThere are times when you just wish you could hit the lottery. This often happens to me when I see a bangin’ dress that I know I will never be able to purchase. This leads to a slight depression – which is absurd, I know, but it happens – and then the resignation that I’ll just have to enjoy the dress with my eyes. On a mannequin. The latest catalyst to my embarrassing consumerist depression is the Preen Wyatt Dress. It’s so glorious that if I were irresponsible, I’d put that $1,500 power print on a card and run. Fortunately (?) for my bank account, I did no such thing. Instead, I have to get my giant hydrangea and poppy fix at the flower shop. Le sigh. C’est la vie, n’est-ce pas?

If you’re fortunate enough to have $1,490 lying around, do yourself a favor and swipe this off the hanger at Creatures of Comfort. And send me a picture. I’ll be hydrangea leaf green with envy.