Our Eyes, They Bleed: Jeffrey Campbell Rainbow Sneakers


Seriously, where do I even begin?  Light up soles (yes I think they are sort of cool but omg not on these), six soles worth of rubber to stand on, and all in crazy clown colors.  I can’t even imagine a Spice Girl wearing these!  Since when did Jeffrey Campbell decide to just start trolling the entire population of shoes wearing women…I feel like a lot of their designs these days are made for tranny aliens, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

I do urge you to check these out on Urban Outfitters though, if for nothing else, to read the hilarious reviews of these shoes.  One of my favorites is by GraceM:


MARCH 22, 2013
THESE SHOES ARE PERFECT!!! I want to wear them to my wedding that’s how much i love them. They’re comfy (a little hard to get used to because of the height) but they’re easy to walk in and also perform cartwheels in. I’m wearing them to my gymnastic meet this upcoming friday (GO DAZZLERS!!) PLEASE BUY THESE SHOES AND DO ME A FAVOR AND MAKE A WOMAN PROUDER OF THE HUMAN POPULATION
 Amazing.  These beauts will cost you a cool $180.  Jesus Mary Joseph.