Cute Alert: The Pies ‘n Thighs Commercial!

WELCOME TO PIES ‘N’ THIGHS! from Jazz & Fondue on Vimeo.

Pies -n- Thighs made a commercial and it’s quite adorable! They have chickensss… they have biscuitssss… they have FUN! When you watch it and they say ‘just walk four blocks to South 4th and Driggs’ that’s because most people watch it at the newish movie theater. Movies + chicken + waffles = success.

p.s. it is clear that the movie theater has not yet hit its stride with local advertising because there is a seriously creepy advertisement from an hourly sex motel that is nowhere near the ‘hood! I wish I could show you the ultimate creepiness of that commercial, but I can’t and I won’t look at it because it will detract from the cutie Q of the p-n-t.