Feast Your Eyes on…Buffalo Bills First Round Draft Pick EJ Manuel!


So in what was apparently a controversial choice based on what I read on social media, the Buffalo Bills picked quarterback EJ Manuel in the first round of draft picks. I had never heard of this guy before yesterday so I can’t speak to his playing abilities with any degree of confidence. But what I CAN speak to is…..DAMN, IS HE FINNNNNNNNNE. So, I followed the Bills’ lead and immediately selected Manuel as the first round draft pick of my 2013 Sexual Fantasy Football Team. We’ll see what happens once the season begins, but as of right now, I’m more than content to have this guy repping my hometown (and my sexual fantasies).

2013 Senior Bowl

Come fall when my 2013 Buffalo Bills Zubaz manicure hits my nails, wings sauce hits my fingers and cheap beer haphazardly guides me through the dizzying highs and rock bottom lows of Bills Fan Life – I’ll be rooting for this bro.

In conclusion, to paraphrase my spiritual leader RuPaul – Good luck, EJ…and don’t fuck it up!