I’m Going to See Fleetwood Mac Tonight!

fleetwood mac.jpgIn Newark (or as my boyfriend points out I say it, as a native NJ-ite, “Nork”)!  BF Sam surprised me with tickets for my birthday yesterday and I am STRAIGHT BUGGIN, so excited.  To honor La Nicks I am wearing my most dopestest blazer:


Today’s Outfit, clockwise from top right: Topshop Blazer / Madewell Linen Tee / Topshop Jamie Jeans / Nina Oxfords

This is my dream: That Stevie looks out into the crowd and sees a little floating nebula.  “What can that be?” she thinks, and then she calls out to it.  That nebula is ME, y’all.  She is blown away by my amazing blazer style and asks me to dance on stage with her.  She hands me her tambourine and I twirl and twirl while she sings Gold Dust Woman and I am transported to a place of pure joy and ecstasy.

Either that orrrr…I’ll watch happily from the audience while I live tweet my experience!  Follow my musings on the amount of scarves on Stevie’s mic stand, Mick Fleetwood’s insane drum playing faces and Lindsay’s awesome wails and hoots on the Power Animals Twitter page!