Just Go See Upstream Color


I don’t want to write a review of Upstream Color. I don’t really want to give anything away at all. I went to see it based on the recommendations of several friends and trusted critics and totallllllllllly got lost in it…and because I enjoyed it so much that way, I feel that everyone should enjoy it thusly. I will say that I didn’t find it pretentious (as I’ve read others say)…I highly enjoyed setting my brain to the task of watching and processing Upstream Color and I felt that the experience and reward have both stuck with me, over a week later.

I will, however, present the following words/phrases: mind control, romance, pigs, orchids, ice water, paper chains, Walden, office jobs, hotels, bathtub, knives, worms, ravenous eating, public transportation. I mean – that’s all I can say.

Watch the trailer below and go see it at IFC Center ASAP before it’s gone.