Robin Thicke, Pharrell + T.I. Combine for Banger Ecstasy in “Blurred Lines”


I have been DYYYYING over “Blurred Lines” since it first hit the old YouTubes a few weeks ago…and apparently I’m not the only one since it already has almost 2 million views! (That’s not even counting the boobalicious NSFW version that came out the other day.) Though, let’s be fair – I think 489,298 of those views were me.

Robin Thicke is the epitome of grown and sexy. This beat is ridiculous. Pharrell is back in a major way. T.I. dances around like the world’s coolest buffoon. There are hot girls playing with baby animals. I just, I don’t, I can’t. THANK YOU, ROBIN. Now where’s the full album, where’s the sangria and where’s the GD dance party. I am ready.