Insanity, Or How Shaun T Became My Imaginary Best Friend

Shaun T Be My Friend

Ever since I stopped being a competitive athlete, which obviously was WAY back in college and in an entirely different millennium than the one we’re currently living in, I’ve been looking for a fitness routine that I find interesting, challenging, and effective. I am happy to say that I think I have found the workout that is perfect for me (and about a million other people), and it is INSANITY. It is the best workout if you want to do a combination of cardio and strength training, change your body in a serious way, be able to not have a gym membership, still be able to eat like a normal human being, get it all done in under an hour a day, and become imaginary friends with the adorable, wonderful, cheerful, and insanely fit person known as Shaun T.

If you want to know more about the actual workout, well, click here or read the Amazon reviews. But really, I want to talk about Shaun T the MAN because he is the best. First of all, his body is crazy… which it should be because he is the guru of a fitness empire. I mean, when he’s leading the workouts it looks like he is levitating. He is talking and giving instructions and cracking jokes and giving feedback all while doing the same workout that is causing me to occasionally collapse on all fours and feel like throwing up.  But really aside from Insanity being effective, I love it because as one of my students put it “Shaun T just seems like a nice man.” He pushes you to work hard and do horrible, terrible things to your body, and somehow you feel safe and taken care of and as if you wish you could be friends with him. When he’s making you do the 10,000th suicide drill, push up jack, or globe jump, you are absolutely certain that he is the kind of person that would bring you soup if you were sick or on your birthday would make you an awesome face-in-hole collage featuring you and R-Patz riding Icelandic ponies. So what I’m trying to say is that I BELIEVE in Shaun T’s ability to motivate me and y’all will be able to witness the power of his imaginary friendship when I complete the Insanity 60 day challenge (on May 31st!!!).

p.s. while writing this post I found a blog called for “women who want the ballerific life” !!!!!!!!!!