So Many Emotions for Patti Lupone: A YoungArts Masterclass!


The fates were on my side on April Fools Day when I got done working out, flipped on the TV and found that something called Patti Lupone: A YoungArts Masterclass was just starting. I can’t really think of anything involving Patti Lupone that I wouldn’t watch. Patti Lupone: Extreme Hoarder? Sure! The O’Reilly + Lupone Factor? I guess! Patti, Kim and Khloe Take Hackensack? Sign me up! But, a show in which I can watch Patti Lupone coach four talented young musical theater hopefuls? AHHH!


Not only was it a treat to see each of the students perform (one even moving Ms. Lupone to tears), but Patti’s coaching was ridiculously (yet unsurprisingly) on point. I could see the students improving immediately before my eyes. And of course, there were tales of Patti’s early days and snippets of her performing that pushed me over the edge into musical theater ecstasy. A half hour can do so much!

Here’s the trailer:

Fellow Lupone-worshippers, Catch it on HBO on Demand or HBOGO before it’s gone!