Moneyworth’s Genius Rap Crush Temporary Tattoos


Moneyworth, AKA Meaghan Garvey, is many things to many people. For me, she is these things: 1. She wrote that amazing article “Why Are You So Intimdated By Girls Liking Rap Music“. 2. She’s one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter for many reasons – her love of semi-obscure ’90s R&B to name but one. 3. She makes exxxcellent mixes – often referencing the aforementioned love of ’90s R&B. 4. Her Etsy store.

In this Etsy store lies many treasures and if any internet nerd bro were to have a shred of doubt about her love for rap, it would shrivel and die instantly upon his virtual entrance. It’s like a hip hop / R&B shrine…if you could just buy the stuff comprising the shrine.

Featured above is my favorite item of the moment – Rap Crush Temporary Tattoos – which allow you to test out your Drake / Waka Flocka Flame / Future / Chief Keef luv tattoos before going full-on needle with it.! How can one thing be so cute and so badass at the same time?

Get your own set of tattoos for $8 w/ free shipping @ Moneyworth’s Etsy store…

…and Beyonce / R. Kelly beanies, Future / Drake / Kanye t-shirts and oh wait……a wide variety of votive candles featuring errrrryone from Nicki to Ghostface to Aaliyah to Rick Ross.


She’s a genius, I tell you.