Netflix Fix: Mona Lisa


It’s always exciting when something from the Criterion Collection is available to stream on Netflix and Mona Lisa is one of the chosen few – probably because the DVD is out of print! If you’re a fan of Taxi Driver, British gangster films or ’80s fashion – I highly recommend using your bandwidth on streaming this one. It’s noirish, lascivious and builds to a much more intense (and violent) crescendo that I expected.

The Criterion Contraption puts it really well, saying:

Mona Lisa is the strangest of films: a study of “the vast gulf of misunderstanding between men and women,” wrapped in a fairy tale, wrapped in a Pygmalion story, wrapped in a British gangster movie. Oh, and tied up with a bow stolen from Taxi Driver.

In short – it’s one of those win-win films. You feel smart knowing that it’s an important enough piece to be a part of the hallowed CC, but it’s still really fun to watch. Keep an eye out for Bob Hoskins’ character trolling the world’s trashiest peep show joints soundtracked by Genesis – “In Too Deep.” Oh – and Lester from The Wire as an evil pimp!

In closing: WORK, Cathy Tyson!