Amazing or Wack? Boobie Bow Bikini

bow boobs


Y’all, tell me the truth.  I think these bikinis by Amourouse are totes cute, but my PA buds, Nicole and Hillary, are not sure.



She looks cold but nbd, ignore that.  What do you think of the booby bow?  As a “Barely B” I am into it.  Itty bitty’s sometimes need some help so I welcome a giant bow.  But is it too much?  What happens when the bow gets wet…does it droop?  What kind of coverup do you wear over this?  WHO CARES WTF IT IS ADORABLE.



Tell me the truth y’all…what do you think?  No denying they’re well made but would they work on the average lady?  Does a bow boob work?  Please let me know because they are cute to me but I am scared of saggy sea boobs.