Enter the Fantasy Dreamland of Autre Ne Veut


In this new world of alt R&B (or Alt’N’B as I tend to call it), there are many losers. Between slimy try-to-harders like How to Dress Well and all the bands that want to “try something new for their next record” and end up sounding like a hot white boy mess, the movement definitely has its issues. But when it’s great, it can be totally magical. One such example of that magic is the new record from Autre Ne Veut – Anxiety.

From the first time I heard the transportive single “Counting” at the end of last year, I was ANXIOUSLY AWAITING the new record (get it? cause the new record’s called Anxiety?). ANYWAY…the waiting paid off to the max because the record is amazing. What makes it so great – his voice, the songs, the subtle vocal nuances within the songs, the spontaneous bursts of wind instruments, the fact that he looks like the creepy-yet-hot guy in your AP English class? All of the above and more, I think. I haven’t listened to the entire record enough times for a thorough analysis – I just know that I love it.

Check out the video for “Counting” featuring Mykki Blanco and get taken away to ANV fantasy land:

You can grab the record on vinyl, mp3 or CD at Insound!