Because You Need to Watch the Flava in Ya Ear Remix Video Again


Nothing is better than getting a whole bunch of best-ever rappers together on a track. In recent times, “F*ckin Problems,” “Monster,” and “Huzzah (Remix)” are a few that have blown my mind. But back in 1994, Craig Mack evolved what De La Soul did with the “Buddy” remix in 1989 and made it harrrrrrrrrrrd. The “Flava in Ya Ear” remix, aside from Craig Mack, features Biggie Smalls, Rampage, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, Puff Daddy and Mary J. Blige and the video includes cameos from even more people, like Das EFX.

Just watch it and watch it and watch it again – so good.

And, while you’re at it, check out Mr. MFN eXquire’s aforementioned “Huzzah (Remix)” video (feat. Despot, El-P, Danny Brown, Das Racist) – a loving homage to “Flava in Ya Ear.”