The World Needs to Know About Almond Yogurt


Could there be a more boring subject than yogurt? Actually, yes, I guess – baseball, washing dishes and pencils (no offense, David Rees) are perhaps more boring than yogurt. But, since I have a burning desire to tell the world about THIS PARTICULAR YOGURT, it must be at least a little exciting?

Amande yogurt is made from almond milk and is soooooo 100% more delicious than regular dairy yogurt and about 1,000,000% more delicious than soy yogurt (which I find nasty). It’s sweet and nutty with the subtle tang of yogurt and when stirred up becomes super light and fluffy. It actually tastes more like some kind of fancy dessert you would be served in a fancy restaurant than yogurt. No, I am not getting paid for this, this sh*t is JUST THAT GOOD and has made me feel that I need to spread the gospel far and wide through the annals of the internet.

You can buy Amande in one of its eight flavors at The Garden in Greenpoint ,Whole Foods and other healthy-type places. For real – do it!