Power List: Three Lorimer Stop Restaurants That Rule


I’ve lived off the Lorimer stop on the L on and off for a little over 11 years and to say that the neighborhood has changed is a raging understatement. Back in the day, Sal’s, DuMont + Kellogg’s were damn near the only games in town. Of course, I was walking distance from plenty of other eateries, but to have a bevy of restaurants to choose from in a couple-block walk was just not happening. Now, I’m pleased to say that it IS happening. So happening. So, so happening. These three restaurants are some serious go-tos that I’m psyched to have so close to home! (RIP Walden tho – you were the jam and I miss you.)

1. Suzume, 545 Lorimer (bt Ainslie + Devoe)

Suzume is a v. new addition to the neighborhood – a small, cozy and already always-crowded haven of ramen and sustainable sushi. The menu is small and simple and everything I’ve tried so far has been delicious! I’m not the hugest ramen fan, but I found extreme pleasure in the perfectly cooked noodles and complex, slightly-sweet broth of the Suzume Ramen. The Crunchy Spicy Tuna roll was super fresh-tasting and the Brussels Sprout special with shrimp/tofu paste was delish. Also: super affordable. I highly recommend a trip!

2. The Saint Austere, 613 Grand (bt Lorimer + Leonard)

Ahhhhh, The Saint Austere. I’ve been here several times and I don’t think I could come up with one not wonderful thing to say about it. The food is f*cking delicious, the service is the most friendly, knowledgeable and efficient ever, the beverage selection is thoughtful and the prices make you almost feel like you’re getting away with something. Next time you’re looking for somewhere to have dinner, grab a buddy and head here for the tasting menu. It’s $50 including the wine pairing and consists of four courses. If you’ve got someone with you, they’ll bring out two different dishes for each course to maximize your tasting opportunity. Seriously, EVERYTHING is delicious (pictured above is their polenta, one of the most delicious menu items). Bonus: they have $1 oysters every day from 6-8 p.m. Don’t sleep!

3. Forcella, 485 Lorimer (bt Powers + Grand)

Delicious Neopolitan-style pizza is always welcome in my mouth and Forcella’s convenient location makes it really easy for me to fulfill my pizza destiny on the reg. The fried pizza really IS as good as everyone says – don’t be scurred. And the appetizers and salads are often surprisingly delicious – try the arancino or the parmigiana di melanzane!

So, when Bedford Ave. starts to feel a little too artisanal and Morgantown a little too alt for your mood, come on down to the Lorimer stop! We’re nice.