Pretty Up Your Pad With Society6 Pillows!

Anai Greog

Anai Greog

You guys, apologies in advance, because you are about to be happily stuck in a total time suck at work once you start looking at these pretties. I’ve talked about Society6 before, when I discovered the awesome site that brings art to the masses in accessible mediums such as t-shirts, prints, and iPhone cases. Now they’re offering pillows, so hahaha, sorry boss! Pillows don’t buy themselves, you know?


Clockwise from top left: Emily Rickard / EbiEmporium / Galaxy Eyes / Amy Sia

All the pillows are so reasonably priced, too. $20-35 depending on size and whether you get an insert or not. Compare that to oh, anywhere else where pillows are priced like they are made from human skin or something embedded with diamonds. I am so into all of these!


Clockwise from top left: Lisa Argyropoulos / Kurt Rahn / Pixel 404 / Christine Hall


Clockwise from Top Left: Spires / Mareike Bohmer / Guido Montanes / INDUR