One Time Arnold Schwarzenegger Went to Rio and Scared ALL the Women

arnold in rio

Brazil is on my mind, Brazil is on my mind! Also, it was once on the Arnold’s mind wayyyy back some time around 1983. And by Brazil, I mean ASSES. Brazilian Asses were once on Arnold’s mind. Prepare to be horrified as you watch Arnold enjoy taking much, much more than the women of Rio are prepared to offer him. This video raises so many questions! Why was it made? Who lined up all these women for Arnold to dine with/molest/creep out? Why is he driving that clown car sized dune buggy?

  1. Arnold makes binoculars out of his hands to get a better look at a girl’s ass.
  2. Arnold decides to walk up and molest the dancers. Check her horrified look at 2:56. This is right before he motorboats her friend’s boobs.
  3. Arnold takes some ecstasy and freaks out. I really wish it was less pixelated. Or do I? Maybe too scary.
  4. Arnold fellates a carrot before making his female companion also fellate it. Ick!

Anyway, Carnival starts on Saturday! Pretend you’re at the Sambadromo, have a caipirinha, and be glad you’ll probably never meet Arnold Schwarzenegger!