The Magical Tableaus of Misha Ashton’s Flora + Fauna Series


Do you feel like you’re staring into a Beach House song right now? Because that’s the first thought that crossed my mind when I first saw this photo from Misha Ashton’s Flora + Fauna series. In her words: “This image is from a new series I am working on, where I photograph animals at natural history museums and then rewind the film and shoot through the roll again, and then boil the negatives to create a beautiful mess of imagery.” So, it’s all done the old-fashioned way, without the artificial help of computers, which probably provides the maximum otherworldly vibrations.

Aside from the zebra photo pictured above, there are other animals in the series like gazelles, cheetahs and elephants – all available for sale. Prints range from $30 to $150, depending on the size.

Check out the full collection at Supermarket.