Power List: Three Fitness Things that are the JAM

fitness collage

New Year’s fitness resolutions just became REAL, you guys. I’m going to Rio in March with Dan and some other awesome PA homies and it’s going to be beach weather and everyone will be toned and bronzed because it’s the end of their goddamn summer and everyone is will have asses like ripe golden plums and I just want one too, ok? So, in an effort to get an ass that will be worthy of a Brazilian-style bikini bottom, I am hitting the gym like it’s my job.

I have three fitness things that are making me happy right now. They are my fitness jams. The first is that I’m reading a book called The First 20 Minutes, which is by Gretchen Reynolds and features the synthesis of years research surrounding fitness and boils it down into information that is both useful and easily digestible. Knowledge is power and I want to know what is worthwhile and what isn’t when I’m working out. No time for useless exercising. High impact fitnazz only, pls.

The second is Core Fusion, a long time PA fave for working out at home. Core Fusion is a series of fitness DVDs that mix strength, yoga, pilates, stretching, cardio, and other stuff to provide an at home workout that is actually hard and make you feel like you are accomplishing something.

The last thing is ZUMBA. Yes, Zumba. WTF, it is silly and fun and also REALLY HARD. I think at first I dismissed the idea of Zumba because this lunatic I used to work with did it and talked about it all the time and I was just like, if this person likes it then I will not like it at all. Then, there was a deal for Z Club NY and I bought it and drank the Kool Aid. Most of the instructors are professional dancers and some are these really cute hip hop girls and the times/locations are pretty good. It’s a good workout that is fun and makes me feel like I’m pretending that I know how to dance. Dance party workout = workout realness.