Cheap Fix: Dope Sneaker Wedges



With sneaker wedges as popular as they are now (I own FOUR PAIRS, that is ridiculous), and with digital prints on fashions and totally batsh*t crazy color combinations all the rage, it really makes no sense to drop $100, $200 smackers on expensive Sneakedges (trademark pending).  I recently took the plunge and bought the above pair from Forever 21.  YES.  I bought SHOES from Forever 21.  I got them last week and ladies?  THEY ARE AWESOOOOOOME!  They are totally comfy, super cute (I have gotten many coveted Lady Fashion Once-Overs) and I’ve even received compliments from dudes on the street!  Totally worth it, and they were only $37.

wedges.jpgClockwise from top left: Bleached Wedge, Go Jane, $38.80 / Hidden Wedges, F21, $37.80 / Skull Studded Wedge, Go Jane, $43.10 / Metallic Wedge, Go Jane, $39.90

Seriously, all of the sneaker wedges I own are hella cheap (two from eBay from China (random sellers), one from Forever 21, and one from Aldo on sale) and they are way comfier than the pair of Ash Wedges my friend bought that I tried on.  And I got all four pairs for less than one pair of the Ash ones!

Listen: if I had the money to buy Chloe Sneaker Wedges, I would do it.  But I don’t, and I’m guessing a lot of you guys don’t either because we are normal human beings with normal jobs, so while we are waiting for our millions to roll in, why not buy some cheap ass awesome sneakers?

Take the leap ladies.  Cheap Sneakedges FTW!