Primp & Polish: Now with Nail Art and Two Williamsburg Locations!

Prada 2012 DVF 70s Gel Mani

There isn’t too much more to say than what is in the post title, aside from the fact that the ladies of P&P have been stepping up their game! NAIL ART + Two Locations = Awesomeness. Bring in a picture of a design you want, and leave with a gel nail art mani that lasts two weeks (for me, at least). I recently made out with this jade, gold, and black sparkly number that to me looks like a 70s DVF print and which also gives a bit of fall 2012 Prada (amazing Prada looks + a pic from the men’s collection – do you spot Sirius Black?!).Two things – make sure you request nail art when you make your appointment, and be sure to come in with a picture of your design idea. Hooray for gel nail art, now only two blocks from my house! Follow P&P on Instagram @primp189.