Epic Island Islamic Art Realness: Doris Duke’s Shangri La

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By the time Doris Duke turned 25, she had already gone on an around the world honeymoon and started building her dream home and homage to Islamic art – the stunning Shangri-la in Honolulu, Hawaii – all feats should could manage as the “richest girl in the world” and heiress to the tobacco fortune amassed by her father. I have to admit, when I stumbled upon artifacts and images from Shangri-la at an exhibit at the Museum of Art and Design, I knew not much about DD except that she had been a rich babe. It turns out that she was a prolific collector and commissioner of Islamic art and created an island paradise home with some of the most amazing rooms and decor to ever exist, ever.

Check out stunning images of Duke’s ridiculous mansion and pieces of her Islamic art collection between now and February 7th at the Museum of Art and Design. There are also some totally amazing pictures of her surfing! She was possibly the world’s first competitive female surfer. I kind of want the book that was published along with the show. So fantastic.

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Doris Duke Surfer