March Can’t Come Soon Enough: Spring Breakers + The Place Beyond The Pines

James + Ryan

Fake tattoos? Check. Low-level crime? Check. Guns blazing (both literally and figuratively)? Check. Semi-desperate down-on-their-luck characters? Check. Franco vs. Gosling, head to head on opening day? Check.

I mean, what more can I sayyyyyyaaaayyyyyy? Ok I’ll actually say it: I am sort of dying for both of these movies to come out so I can live the dream of every girl in her thirties: Gosling/Franco double feature, what what! The Place Beyond the Pines seems slightly more sad/realistic with it’s ‘retired carny robs a bank to take care of his baby and baby mama’ theme,  while Spring Breakers seems totally ridiculous and features four practically naked tween queens falling in with a trashy criminal to repay him in crimes (committed in bikinis) for him bailing them out of jail. SO awesome and SO dumb. Also, Spring Breakers was directed by Harmony Korine (writer of 1995 teens-in-NYC-gone-wrong epic film Kids), who hasn’t directed anything in wide release since 1997’s laugh/cry movie Gummo.

For whatever reason, both of these movies have had their release dates bounce around for months, but they both look likely for March 29th. TPBTP will forever be known as the film in which Ryan Gosling awkwardly feeds a baby and SB for the film in which James Franco channels Riff Raff.  2013 is looking up already. Can’t wait.