Don’t Miss Glengarry Glen Ross. Really, Don’t.


Sometimes a Broadway show comes along that’s such a special experience that I want to shout it from the rooftops and drag everyone I know to see it. Right now, that show is Glengarry Glen Ross. I mean, wow. An hour and 45 minutes of blazing David Mamet wordplay + actors who take the demanding material and show it who’s boss makes for a theater experience I’ll never forget. All of the acting is next-level, but Bobby Cannavale, John C. McGinley (yes, Bob Slidel from Office Space) and (uh) AL PACINO particularly had me sitting mouth agape, in awe.


If I had it like that, I’d buy tickets for everyone I know, but since I don’t, please be advised that tickets for GGR have been spotted on TKTS for 40% off and that the show closes on Sunday 1/20. Run, don’t walk!