Bergen Town Center: Where Bargain Dreams Are Made

*Ahhh-Ahhh-Ahhh-Ahhhhhhhhh!* Please tell me you read that operatically. So I drove by these magical outlets a multitude of times, but never with the time to stop, for years. I mean, reading the signs plastered on its walls, it was the ideal shopping destination for someone like me who straight up gets high on bargains – Saks Outlet, Bloomingdales Outlet, Nordstrom Outlet, Neiman Marcus Outlet, Century 21, Marshalls, Target and the list does not even come close to stopping there.

Bergen Town Center may not be quite as flashy as the holy grail Woodbury Commons, but it’s far less crowded and far closer to NYC. In fact, it’s a mere 25 miles away! And in double fact, you can even reach it by bus from Port Authority! As someone who has now shopped in this bitch at least five times, I highly recommend a visit. Whether you’re looking to go H.A.M. or just pick up a little somethin somethin, BTC will do the job for you.

A few suggestions! 1. Get there early! BTC gets a lot more crowded around lunchtime and stays that way till the evening. 2. Don’t try to go on Sunday cause it’ll be closed. 3. If you aren’t from the area, don’t try to venture off in hopes of finding somewhere to eat. It may just be my luck, but I literally drove around for a half hour with some homies in search of Cheddar Bay Biscuits to no avail. The Bobby Flay Burger Joint inside will do you just fine.

Enter bargain ecstasy and visit Bergen Town Center!